The Hallmark achieves BCA Green mark gold certification – Committing to sustainable development

28 April 2023
The Hallmark is proud to be the first office tower in Vietnam to achieve the BCA Green Mark Gold certification — a system of standards for sustainable design, construction and operation of commercial office towers.
To receive the BCA Green Mark certification, The Hallmark has met strict standards through its diligent effort and commitment with:

The Hallmark building is equipped with efficient lighting systems and high-performance air conditioning systems combined with HEPA medical-grade air filters to not only enhance air quality but also to minimize the building’s energy consumption. The building’s outer façade utilizes a high-performance design with double-layered glass, providing optimal thermal insulation, soundproofing, UV protection and energy savings.

The Hallmark is equipped with high-end sanitary devices integrated with a smart sensing system that calculate optimal water flow and reduce water wastage. Each floor is equipped with a state-of-the-art water filtration system to provide drinkable water of the highest quality — we’re committed to do our part in reducing plastic waste.ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
The building uses environmentally friendly designs and materials, ensuring durability, safety and energy efficiency. The Sky Terrace area located on the 5th floor of the building is houses a lush garden and ample greenery, creating an ideal outdoor relaxation space.

In addition to modern facilities, The Hallmark also invests heavily in its building management system which adheres to strict international standards. Here, touch-less technology is utilized in many facets, including reception services, access control systems with access cards & QR codes, seamless elevator control (COP), and comprehensive 24/7 closed circuit security camera coverage — all aimed at providing the highest levels of safety and convenience for tenants.

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