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Quick Facts

Flexible layouts to
suit the needs of
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Central access within
Thu Thiem and quick
access to District 1


Premium business and lifestyle features
to improve work-life balance


Prestigious Green Mark Design standard to ensure environmental efficiency


January 2023 handover


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District of the future

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The Appeal
of Thu Thiem

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the region’s most exciting destinations, with Thu Thiem serving as its newest up-and-coming precinct. Surrounded by Districts 1, 4, 7, and Binh Thanh, the future CBD has earned the attention of residents while making an impression across Asia and beyond.

Seamlessly connected with wide boulevards, future metro stations, and five bridges, including a pedestrian bridge to District 1, the ward will also be home to multiple schools, hospitals, and parks, as well as a new performing arts center, art museum, sports arena, and marina center.

A hub for business, leisure, and culture, Thu Thiem represents the future of work and is the answer to every business need.

Thinking Outside the Box

Beyond functional spaces, The Hallmark dials up wellness and lifestyle experiences for premium comfort. The 5th-floor Sky Terrace features a wraparound veranda with shaded meeting areas, café seating, and lounge decks with sweeping panoramic views of District 1 and the Saigon River. The outdoor terrace is brimming with lush vegetation and invites tenants and their guests to rest, reflect, and recharge throughout the day.Surrounded by retail, residential, and commercial, and lifetyle spaces, The Hallmark is replete with all of the services and amenities expected of a Grade A+ development.

A Landmark

PREMIUM FEATURES Experience Thu Thiem’s first
Grade A+ office tower



Outdoor, Shared, and Green Areas
Ground Floor, 5/F Sky Terrace, and Rooftop
The latest in building management systems (BMS), unifying private access cards, 24/7 camera surveillance, and rapid algorithmic responsiveness
Arrival Experience
Dedicated private drop-off area, with lush green surroundings and welcoming reception area
Integrated Access Control
Contactless technology using personalized QR codes allows tenants to easily come and go with a nod to health and safety, maintained normalcy, and a seamless experience. The technology is simple and effective without overcomplicating the matter
Building Management
International standard, Grade A+ management
Building Signage
Rooftop and building availability
Efficient net central core design with raised floors (100mm)
Rentable Storage Space
Available upon request
Parking System
Three dedicated basements for car and motorbike parking; the stacker parking system shortens vehicle entry and retrieval times due to simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement. Charging stations for electric vehicles available
Green Accreditation
Green Mark Design with additional operational accreditations in process
Exclusive Restroom
Floor 18-29 for VIP
Extra Facilities
Devoted drivers’ lounge with bathroom and shower accommodations
Façade/Curtain Wall
Heat absorbing, 30mm-double glazing façade ensures better noise occlusion, effective thermal performance, and maximized comfort
Air-Conditioning System
High-performance air-conditioning system in conjunction with hospital-grade HEPA filters deliver fresh, clean air throughout.
Bathroom Amenities
Water efficient systems and sanitary fittings
Public wet pantry on each floor and upon request
Advertising Support
Outdoor LED screens, internal and external signage possibilities upon request
Smart Elevators
Equipped with 20 high-speed, AI-driven, load balancing, contactless smart elevators (Schindler). Office lifts: 16 high-speed lifts with destination control for low zone (levels 1-16) and high zone (levels 17-29); 3 parking lifts from three basements to the ground floor; 1 fire/service lift. Maximum 35 sec waiting time during peak times. Ventilated with hospital-grade filters and regularly disinfected

Floor Plate

  • Single
  • Half
  • Multiple


  • Office
  • Corridor(Shared space)
  • Elevator
  • Toilet


Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of the information and specifications contained herein, no warranties whatsoever are given nor legal representations provided in respect thereon. Interested parties should rely on formal sale documents. Visual representations including drawings, illustrations, photographs and art renderings portray artistic impressions only and are not to be taken as representations of fact or law. The seller reserves the right to modify features, units, plans or the development or any part thereof as may be approved or required by relevant authorities​.


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