Green certified buildings: The latest innovation

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24 August 2022

Green certified buildings: The latest innovation

With Covid-19’s omnipresence, green initiatives have become a design mandates for both tenants and developers. Skylights, fresh air, and green spaces — they all contribute to a better working experience.

The Hallmark prioritizes health and lifestyle experiences with several relaxing spaces for tenant enjoyment. The 5th floor podium’s lush gardens provide a lively outdoor space with panoramic views of District 1 and the Saigon River.

Each floor has a 2.75-meter-high ceiling, a 100-mm raised floor, and a column-free design that allows for maximum natural light. The entire exterior is covered in high-end SYP glass cladding with two layers of 30mm insulation, sound insulation, and UV protection. Interior amenities include hospital-grade HEPA air ventilation and filtration systems, working in conjunction with the latest in passive cooling systems to deliver clean, sanitized air and comfortable temperature ranges, all while reducing energy wastage.

The Hallmark is undergoing Singapore’s Green Mark Gold certification.

Hotline: +84 77 991 1567

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