The Hallmark: Key Elements Leading to ‘Best Office Development’ at VPA 2023

23 November 2023

Grade A+ Quality for Business Abode

With a 30-floor scale, The Hallmark is not just an office building; it symbolizes quality and modernity, providing a sophisticated and top-notch workspace for every business demand.

Strategic Location

Nestled at the gateway of the new urban area Thu Thiem, The Hallmark strategically positions itself for convenient connectivity, anticipating the trends of the city’s new development center.

Green and Sustainable Environment

HVH’s development goal extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a commitment to the environment, meeting the standards of sustainable and green development.

Advanced Technology

The Hallmark employs advanced technology for building management and protection, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Dynamic Community

The majority are businesses in the finance, banking, securities, and insurance industries (accounting for 73% of the total area committed to rent); the remaining are businesses in the pharmaceutical, transportation, and international consumer products and brands.

Diverse Amenities

With facilities inside and around the building, The Hallmark creates a comprehensive and convenient working environment.

High Praise from Independent Experts

Rigorous evaluation by an independent judging panel, including experts in various fields such as real estate consulting, architecture, interior design, green construction, and sustainable development.

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