The Hallmark – Exceeding Expectations with a 60% Occupancy Rate after 3 months

05 November 2023

In a significant milestone, The Hallmark proudly announces that its occupancy rate has exceeded 60%, surpassing the initial projections, as shared by Mr Karl Truong, Managing Director.

Prime Location

The Hallmark enjoys an exceptionally prime location in the heart of Thủ Thiêm, neighboring Districts 1, 4, 7, and Bình Thạnh. With convenient transportation networks and connectivity through avenues, Bason Bridge, and Metro Line, we have created a conducive environment for businesses and multinational corporations.

Attracting the Financial Sector

Exceeding the 60% mark is not only a testament to our success but also underscores our appeal to the financial sector. Leading banks and financial conglomerates have placed their trust in our building, acknowledging the modernity and quality that we offer.

A Prominent Future

With an occupancy rate surpassing 60%, The Hallmark confidently positions itself as a financial and banking hub within the region. As emphasized by Mr. Karl Truong, this achievement reflects not only our accomplishments but also our commitment to fostering an optimal business environment for enterprise and the Thủ Thiêm area.

“The Hallmark is more than just an office building; it symbolizes tremendous growth and potential. We extend our gratitude to all our clients and partners for their support and trust throughout this journey. With the continued support of everyone, we are confident that we will contribute to the prosperity and development of Ho Chi Minh City in the years to come.”

Toà nhà The Hallmark 2023

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