The Hallmark creates a high-end office highlight in Thu Thiem

09 June 2023

With many outstanding features in design and construction, along with a convenient location, The Hallmark is set to makes its mark on the market.

The Hallmark office tower is located at the gateway of the 7.6-hectare The Metropole Complex in the new Thu Thiem urban area. The project is invested by Gateway Thu Thiem Joint Stock Company, developed by SonKim Land, and positioned in the A+ office segment the preferred office segment of choice for multinational business office headquarters.

The building is expected to be operational in June this year.

“Green” design mark

From a distance, The Hallmark catches the eye with its “mirror” block design with four upright faces. The building has 30floors above ground, with 27 floors for rentable office space and 3 floors for commercial services.

The investor’s representative said that The Hallmark has received the BCA Green Mark (Gold) green certification from Singapore. The entire exterior of the building is covered with high-quality 30mm thick double-layered SYP glass for insulation, soundproofing and UV protection; inside is equipped with an automatic ventilation system and HEPA medical-grade air filter along with a passive cooling system to help reduce electricity usage of the building which not only leads to a more comfortable working environment but reduced energy costs for both the building owner and the tenants.

Relaxing spaces are artfully arranged in the common areas at the external area at the 1st or ground floor and on the 5th floor there is an outdoor dedicated green space and garden which creates a dynamic, fresh and rejuvenating outdoor area with panoramic views of District 1 and the Saigon River for tenants to take a break, relax and recharge in this fresh and tastefully landscaped green garden space.

Experts say that green office buildings developed according to ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) standards are more likely to attract tenants because most companies and organizations are now looking for these trends to meet their sustainability goals. In addition, designing offices with open spaces, focusing on employee experiences and health is one of the criteria for foreign businesses to choose to promote creative culture and retain talent.

“Receiving environmental impact reduction certifications like The Hallmark has achieved is also very important in creating a difference compared to other buildings in Ho Chi Minh City,” said Mr. Jonathan Flexer – Senior Manager of CBRE Vietnam.

Bringing A+ grade work space

Speaking about the criteria for classifying A, B, C offices, Mr. Jonathan Flexer said that currently in Vietnam there is no unified standard. However, to contribute to transparency in the market and help tenants better understand their location choices, CBRE Vietnam has introduced a system of standards based on market conditions in Vietnam and existing buildings.

Evaluating The Hallmark building, CBRE’s representative said that the advantage of the project is its large floor area (total 68,000 m2) allowing tenants more flexibility in office design. Specifically, each floor of the building ranges from 1,600 to 2,300 m2, with a ceiling height of 2.75m inclusive of a raised floor of 100mm and a column-free design that maximizes natural light, optimizes views, increases productivity and inspires work.

To increase the competitiveness of the building, the investor has applied touchless technology such as the speed gates (turnstiles), elevator control panels (COP) without buttons, door-to-door pick-up and drop-off lobbies, 24/7 security equipment and camera The project is equipped with 20 high-speed Schindler elevators from one of the world’s leading brands, operating with intelligent AI to minimize waiting time.

Notably, The Hallmark is managed by an integrated smart building management system with modern software. Building management and operation services are provided by Savills according to international standards and supervised by Mr. Ryan Lower – Senior Manager of Gateway Thu Thiem investor who has previous local building management experience from managing multiple A-class buildings in Ho Chi Minh City such as Deutsches Haus, Saigon Centre Tower 1 & 2 and Sun Wah Tower.

Benefiting from location

The Hallmark is located on Tran Bach Dang Street – the gateway connecting the urban area with District 1 via Thu Thiem 2 Bridge (Ba Son Bridge). With the advantage of four valuable fronts, the project not only benefits from the future development model of Thu Thiem but also easily connects to the existing CBD (Central Business District) of Ho Chi Minh City making access to 5-Star Hotels and a diverse range of food & beverage options only a quick ride or drive away!

According to the plan, the new Thu Thiem urban area will have the main function of being the city’s new financial, commercial and high-end service center and will be one of the most economically and entertainment focused areas.

Experts from Savills Vietnam say that the new Thu Thiem financial center will become an extension of the traditional downtown area in District 1, similar to the development of Pudong (Shanghai) on the opposite bank of Huangpu River.

In fact, The Hallmark has attracted and is currently attracting interest from diverse business sectors (or groups) such as banks and other multinational companies, proving it’s potential to become a notable player in the new financial center both now and in the future.

In the future, The Hallmark will be centrally located to benefit and access from nearby projects  offering A-class offices (about 389,000 m2 of floor space), commercial centers (137,800 m2) and 5-star hotel. Savills Vietnam’s office leasing department assesses that in the context of increasingly scarce office supply in Ho Chi Minh City’s CBD and rising rental prices, new supply from projects located in the new Thu Thiem urban area (such as The Hallmark) will offer many new choices to businesses to relocate their offices.

As Thu Thiem continues to receive a series of infrastructure projects such as a new bridge connecting it with District 7 through the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. To the east are important roads such as Mai Chi Tho Boulevard and Dong Van Cong Street, connecting Thu Thiem with Vo Chi Cong Street and Cat Lai Port. Inside the peninsula there are also important roads such as Arc Boulevard, Central Lake Road, River Road and Alluvial Road which will be beneficial to companies that lease their new office space at buildings in this area such as The Hallmark.

Floors are currently being handed over to tenants for design and fit out. The Hallmark looks forward to commencing full operations this summer.

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