Fire Protection Systems At The Hallmark: Superior Improvements Ensuring Safety & Efficiency

21 June 2023

Aiming to meet and exceed the strict requirements for fire prevention and firefighting according to the latest Vietnamese regulatory standards (TCVN), The Hallmark continues to invest heavily into upgrading its advanced and superior fire protection system:


  • Intelligent Air Control: The system is designed to automatically calibrate and adjust air flow in and out according to usage demand. This helps save energy and ensure comfort for tenants and guests.
  • High Load Capacity: Our ventilation system has high load capacity, meeting and exceeding the usage demands for large buildings with high user density.
  • High Efficiency: Our ventilation system is integrated with advanced technologies to increase operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • Safe and Reliable: Our ventilation system is specifically designed to ensure safety and reliability, particularly in the event of a fire.


The fire alarm system at The Hallmark is capable of detecting fires in a short amount of time with utmost accuracy, providing a quick warning for tenants and guests to evacuate to a safe location. The fire alarm system automatically connects to the firefighting system, promptly automating firefighting operations effectively with multiple redundancies.


  • High density of fire extinguishers.
  • Installation of system of doors and emergency exits to designed for safety and quick evacuation
  • Comprehensive coverage of fire hydrants at various points within and around the building.


Furthermore, to enhance efficiency, save energy, and improve quality of service, The Hallmark adheres to strict international standards related to the air conditioning and cooling.

Compliance with fire safety regulations is not only an obligation, but also a commitment of The Hallmark in its journey towards sustainability. Safety, efficiency, and quality of customer service are placed at the forefront of this commitment.

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